Our Mission

Our mission is to provide and create Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander educational activities and resources while bridging the gap and building communities through our Goombuckar Bus (Mobile Cultural Centre), Creative Resources/Indigenous Supplies and our RACGP accredited Cultural Awareness courses.


Our Philosophy

Goombuckar Creations is a 100% Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander owned company with Christian values.  As such, we aim to deliver high quality and authentic Indigenous Education activities, aids, resources and services whilst keeping true to our cultural and spiritual values.

  • We would like to acknowledge the Elders, both past and present, on the land which we or our products are working.
  • We believe in our company's future and the future of the communities in which we work.
  • We believe in supporting our communities with finance/donations or in-kind support.
  • We believe that all cultures have something to offer our society.


Our Aims

To create awareness of the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander cultures, in an inclusive manner, to both Indigenous and mainstream communities.

To create fun-filled and relevant Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander education/cultural activities, aids, resources and services.


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  • QCCC LogoGoombuckar staff facilitate workshops at the
    Mapleton site each week and include cultural
    tours, Art experiences and bush tucker
    walks and talks.
  • Logo Little LambsWe run fortnightly cultural activities for Little Lambs
    students. These workshops include Bush Tucker
    Cooking, Arts and Crafts, Murals, Dance workshops
    and hunting games.
  • logo-Unitiing
    UCCES and Goombuckar have been partners since 2012 and
    Goombuckar holds an exclusive contract to deliver
    Cultural Awareness Training/Workshops.