Cultural Awareness Early Learning (embedding Indigenous perspectives)

Developed for Early learning centres

Utilising the Belonging, Being & Becoming frame work, this workshop has been put together to tick all the boxes and has been tailored to suit early learning centres on the sunshine coast and throughout Australia.

Cultural awareness training: who needs it?

As part of the requirements for Belonging, Being & Becoming new concepts within the curriculum are focused to have a view point to Indigenous culture.

All Early Learning centres, primary, secondary and tertiary have obligations to fulfil regarding the new curriculum.


Program Overview


Facilitator Kerry Neill provides high quality training that is challenging, yet his sense of humour enables program participants to feel at ease whilst learning about sensitive issues throughout the workshop.


Program participants can expect to:


  • Relax and enjoy;
  • Experience the sharing of ideas and stories;
  • Become more aware of Indigenous cultural diversity;
  • Leave with strategies to improve communication and service delivery to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients/clients;
  • Become more aware of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures from a traditional perspective;
  • Learn about the histories of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and how some past government policies have impacted on Indigenous Australians today;
  • Be asked to leave any pre-conceived ideas or notions outside the doors of the venue to receive the information with an open mind;
  • Experience no biased opinions, racist attitudes, religious or political persuasions, or personal agendas from the facilitator or program participants; and
  • Experience the true spirit of reconciliation.
  • Participate as “students” in education learning activities and lessons




Platy Puss Dreaming-300x300   Early Learning CAT-1        Early Learning CAT-2


Learning Objectives


The Goombuckar Creations Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Awareness Training Program for Early learning include:



  • Increased knowledge and understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, histories, and cultures;
  • Increased knowledge of the impact of past government policies and practices (colonisation, removal from land, cultural dislocation) on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ health and well-being;
  • Improved understanding of better communication with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples;
  • Developed understanding of myths and misunderstandings surrounding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples;
  • Increased confidence in communicating with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students
  • Developed skill in providing more culturally appropriate services/lessons to students.
  • Create an Aboriginal house (Gun’du)
  • Create an indigenous learning environment
  • Incorporating indigenous perspectives within early learning centre environments.

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Early Learning CAT

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